Drug treatments offer no hope of actual healing, and in many cases may make your overall health worse than if you had never taken them. For someone with MS, achieving good health requires extraordinary measures through nutrition for your body and mind. is dedicated to helping others take extraordinary measures... by Attacking MS, rather than painfully enduring MS attacks.

The nature of this disease demands something more than the "one size fits all" in a convenient pill or syringe approach. That is why there are many different resources on this website for finding the right treatment for you. All of the treatments are similar in many ways though, and all have the same theme for regaining health-- rebuilding the body while avoiding  and washing out toxins. Different approaches to this same goal will work for different people.

Research and figure out what will work for you and your health. Just remember, the same syringe with a different drug is not what you'll find here.  

(All of the links below interrelate, but for organizational reasons, they have been placed in separate categories.)




Understanding is a primary weapon in your campaign for healing. Read here to increase your understanding of disease, in general, MS, in particular, and about the capabilities of the creation in combating MS through healthy living.
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Real food is the fuel your body needs to battle toxins and disease. Read here to explore ways to incorporate a real-food-based strategy to improving your health.
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A huge part of recovering from Multiple Sclerosis is by eliminating and avoiding toxins, and allergens. Help your body attack MS with the right foods, while at the same time avoiding foods that you may have sensitivities to.
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Putting good stuff in and getting bad stuff out goes deeper than just your body. Your soul, too, needs good nutrition and elimination of toxins and disease. Read here for insights into a full-orbed approach to reversing the Curse!
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Vitamins and supplements can play a huge role in helping your body, especially when there are nutritional deficiencies. Learn more about what kinds of vitamins and supplements you may need for Attacking MS.
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This section contains many great ways to detox your body, and also some ways to fight MS that do not completely fit into any of the other categories. This is where you will find those interesting "odds & ends." Some may seem a little "odd", and some just "ended" up here.
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